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About You
][Name:][ Brittany
][ Age:][ 15
][Sex:][ female
][ Location:][ leeds, al
][ Hobbies:][ softball, dance line, playin guitar, singing, painting
][ Status:][single
][ Likes:][coloring my hair, playing softball, singing, playing my guitar, boys, the color purple, ice cream when it's cold, sleeping, kissing cuddling
][ Dislikes:][ spiders, snakes, gum on my shoe, mean people, being sick
][ Siblings:][2 sisters, 1 brother
][ Hair Color:][red, brown, and blonde
][ Eye color:][ blue
][ Car:][ chevy silverado
][ Favorite Place To Shop:][ oldnavy
][ Tatoos/piercings:][ears only
][ Clothing Brand:][express, thrift store, oldy navy
][ Shoe Brand:][ anything that looks cool

Bands(8):][ 8? dang! the killers, matchbox romance, john mayer, michelle branch, stevie nicks, simon and garfunkle, nickle creek, rollin in the hay.
Singers(2):][ stevie nicks and vanessa carlton
Books(4):][ "the earth, my butt, and other big rounf things", "catalyst", "The perks of being a wallflower", "heartland"
Movies(6):][the grudge, dirty dancing, grease, saw, shall we dance, 10 things i hate about you
Tv shows(2):][friends and everwood
Other Favorites
][ Color:][purple
][ food:][steak
][ subject:][science
][ sport:][softball
][ animal:][horse
][ person and why:][ andrea because i love her oh so very much and she is always there!
][ family member and why:][ my granddad. he was so awesome. we did everything together. we went fishing and he taught me how to paint and stuff. he was so great.
][ object:][my guitar
][ place:][the mountains
][ Car:][a jetta
][ smoked:][no way jose
][ drunk alcohol:][not for me
][ done drugs:][heck no
][ bunjee jumped:][i wish
][ sky dived][once again, i wish
][ skinny dipped][ummm no...
][War][i think it can be good. i mean some times you can't settle things with a hand shake or piece of paper.
][alcohol and drugs][i really don't see a piont in them. all you're doing is screwing yourself over. i mean everytime you do that you going closer and closer to the edge you know?
][popularity][so overrated
][religion][should be my priority but isn't
][emo kids][uhh i really don't get them. it's like okay...
][being a teenager][it sucks...but it's also like the best time of your life.
][guys wearing girls pants][so gross. you can so totally see their bulge.
][Something intresting about urself][i can burp extremely loud.
][last thoughts][why don't things go my way?
][how did u find this community][le__riot
][2 pics][

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