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About You
Name: sasha
Age: thirteen
Sex: female
Location: california
Hobbies: soccer, basketball, shopping, drama, AIM, dancing, singing, being with friends, basically just having fun!
Status: single
Likes: soccer, basketball, shopping, drama, AIM, dancing, singing, being with friends, having fun, the colour pink, spelling the British way (i.e. colour, honour, etc.), boys, sleeping, writing stories, Fruits Basket, the mall :)
Dislikes: judgemental people, people who think to much of themselves, people who are disrespectful, people who make me cry...ya know, those kind of people!
Siblings: Tia, 21
Hair Color: blonde
Eye color: blue
Car: I can't drive (well, I can, but not legally!) but my parents have a PT Cruiser, some car I can't spell the name to, and two trucks which just kind of sit there.

Favorite Place To Shop: the santa rosa downtown mall (like Choice, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc.)
Tatoos/piercings: one on each ear
Clothing Brand: ummmm...I like all types.
Shoe Brand: vans, those ones with the P on them, those ones with the > and the star...

001. Maroon 5
002. Green Day
003. Savage Garden
004. Matchbox 20
005. Simple Plan
006. Good Charlotte
Those are the only bands I can think of that I like.
001. Usher
002. Lindsay Lohan
001. Harry Potter series
002. A Series of Unfortunate Events series
003. Tuck Everlasting
004. The Giver
001. Harry Potter movies
002. Tuck Everlasting
003. My Girl
004. The Ring
005. Hitch
006. Hide and Seek
Tv shows(2):
1. Degrassi: the Next Generation
2. Laguna Beach

Other Favorites
Color: pink and black
food: steak, hamburgers, hot dogs (only if done on a grill)
subject: English
sport: soccer
animal: tiger, leapord, or horse
person and why: my best friend, Lacey. I've known her for eight years and we're so close
family member and why: my older sister because I can talk to her about stuff that I can't with other people. And although she's eight years older than me, she still brings her wittle sister with her places (i.e. to the movies with HER friends, to stay in her apartment for a while, etc.)
object: this stuffed animal my mom gave me that sings "Let me call you sweetheart" for Valentine's Day. The song means so much to me...and I don't know why.
place: the beach
Car: I don't know.

smoked: no, and I don't plan on it
drunk alcohol: no
done drugs: no, but I know people who have, and I'm glad that one of them, just today, said that I'm so important to him that he won't do it again, even though he's stressed out really bad
bunjee jumped: nope
sky dived no
skinny dipped no
moshed Am I stupid because I don't know what moshed is?

War It's okay, but only if it's a VERY last resort. Try to work things out first, and it might be better.
alcohol and drugs they're bad. but, like I said before, I know people who have, and I'm glad I'm important enough to stop some of them.
popularity people are popular for stupid reasons
religion it's your choice, not mine
emo kids I don't know what emo is!!! Someone HAS to tell me, because I've seen a lot of emo stuff lately!!! Again, does this make me stupid?
being a teenager It's good...and sometimes it's like really bad...
guys wearing girls pants ew...guys have reasons why they don't wear tight pants...don't doubt those reasons

Something intresting about urself I'd say that I'm pretty interesting when I want to be, so I should be accepted :) but please...PLEASE...don't reject me because of my bothers me because people assume I'm immature.
last thoughts what the hell is EMO?!
how did u find this community honestly, I don't remember.

title or description
My best friend, Lacey, and I three or four weeks ago, at the school dance.

title or description
Another one of my best friends, James, and I, also at the school dance. The bottom is of Lacey's brother, Jon, and their mom scanned them together *sigh*

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