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Moi :)

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][Name:][ Heather.
][ Age:][ Seventeen.
][Sex:][ Female.
][ Location:][ Newfoundland, Canada.
][ Hobbies:][ Watching my neices/nephews. Hanging with friends. Shopping. Being with the boyfriend. Playing drums.
][ Status:][ Taken! 10 months yesterday!
][ Likes:][ Pink. Children. Clothes. Drums. Movies. Water. Coffee. Juice. Love. Friends. My pookie. My sook. Teddybears. Flowers.
][ Dislikes:][ Attitude problems. Immaturity.
][ Siblings:][ None, really.
][ Hair Color:][ Brown naturally, but it's been pretty much every color.
][ Eye color:][ Again, brown.
][ Car:][ 1975 Monte Carlo Belivdor. Oh yes, antique!

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][ Favorite Place To Shop:][ Eclipse. Stitches. La Senza. Victoria's Secret.
][ Tatoos/piercings:][ Seven piercings and one tattoo - for now.
][ Clothing Brand:][ Tattoo?
][ Shoe Brand:][ Anything with a nice heel. Haha.

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Bands(8):][ Honestly, I don't have a favorite, I listen for the lyrical content. A little bit of everything - I guess.
Singers(2):][ Again, I don't have a favorite, I listen for the lyrical content of their songs.
Books(4):][ Wow, um I don't read much. School novels are mostly it. Seeing we have to read one every month. But my favorite one so far is probably "The Stone Angel"
Movies(6):][ Save The Last Dance. Dirty Dancing(both). Rose Red. 50 First Dates. Backdraft. The Notebook. (and yes, I'm aware that pretty much everyone says "The Notebook" but I really did love it. My boyfriend and I sat down and watched it, and we related to it so much. That's my reason for loving it so much.)
Tv shows(2):][ Extreme Makeover - Medical. Extreme Makeover - Home Edition.

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][ Color:][ Pink and Orange.
][ food:][ Salad or Soup.
][ subject:][ Theatre all the way, baby!
][ sport:][ Hockey, maybe.
][ animal:][ Kittens. Puppies. Turtles. Dolphins. Fish. Lizards.
][ person and why:][ My mom. She's an amazing woman with amazing strengths. She don't care what people say about her, it just makes her stronger. She's been through so much in her life, and yet she still is the best person ever.
][ family member and why:][ Um, this one would again have to be my mom. For many reasons.
][ object:][ My promise ring by boyfriend gave me on my birthday.
][ place:][ Anywhere under the stars.
][ Car:][ My car. The 1975 Monte Carlo.

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][ smoked:][ Sadly yes, but I quit a long time ago.
][ drunk alcohol:][ Yes. But I don't drink it to get drunk.
][ done drugs:][ Again, yes I have. But that's another thing I quit awhile back.
][ bunjee jumped:][ No. But I really want to before I die.
][ sky dived][ Nope, but I want to.
][ skinny dipped][ Haha, yeah. For fun.
][moshed][ Nope.

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][War][ I honestly don't really have an opinion about this one. In Canada, we're normally not into the wars unless the United States wants us to join.
][alcohol and drugs][ I can't say I don't approve, because I've did drugs, and still do drink alcohol. But it's not something you want to get into - it can be rather addicting.
][popularity][ I don't see the big deal about it. Personally, I'd rather have a few good friends then tons of friends who just hang with me because I'm popular in school.
][religion][ Everyone had thier own. I'm a wiccan. Yes, I practice majick. Sure that sounds weird to people - but it's my religion. Don't diss mine, and I won't diss yours.
][emo kids][ Eh. I'm not opinionated on this either. Sorry, I just don't understand them so I stay out of it.
][being a teenager][ It's so hard. I mean, we have so many people to please and sometimes we forget about doing what makes us happy. And we all make 'teenage mistakes' in our life, but that doesn't make teens bad.
][guys wearing girls pants][ Haha, do as you wish. My gay friend wore my pink jammies to school one day, I thought it was so funny.

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][Something intresting about yourself][ I'm the only female drummer in the school and I love my ass.
][last thoughts][ I love you?
][how did u find this community][ The MOD's of this community are both in communtites I'm in and they're both my eljay friends.
][promote][ I promoted to oinkoinkpigsgo; but it was on a friend's only entry. So you won't be able to see it, unless he's your friend. I hope that's ok.
][2 pics][
o1 :: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me, just being me. And yes, this picture was took in the bathroom in front of the huge mirror. Why you ask? Becuase it was like 3:00am in the morning and the bathroom had the best lighting. Yeah, I'm so cool like that. Haha.

o2 :: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A more recent picture of the boyfriend and I. Oh, and excuse the unmade bed in the background; it was eary in the morning and we just got out of the bed. Well long enough to get a shower each, but yeah - just ignore the bed.
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