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Rad like What!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Rad like What!

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[31 Aug 2006|11:43pm]

Lostprophets U.S. tour this fall!


rad like what [15 Jun 2005|09:50am]

AM i RAD like WHAT?!Collapse )


[13 Jun 2005|11:03pm]

Image hosted by TinyPic.com


[02 Jun 2005|04:57pm]

join this community (__catchastar) its cool cause shellys in charge. yo.


[19 Apr 2005|08:27pm]



[16 Feb 2006|04:01pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.comleft__coastenvy


mod // pics [14 Apr 2005|06:11pm]

Whatsup Hoes? Well, I got a new haircut today. Heres some pictures:
rough sex, make it hurt...Collapse )

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[04 Apr 2005|11:40pm]

___statuesqueCollapse )

I guess that's aloud, isn't it?


[31 Jan 2006|12:25pm]

PromoCollapse )

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Stamped / Pictures [31 Mar 2005|07:36pm]

[ mood | Happy* ]

Ah. Random pictures of me.Collapse )


a banner [26 Jan 2006|08:02pm]

bannerZCollapse )


Theme/Easter [24 Jan 2006|10:13am]

Easter!Collapse )


[26 Mar 2005|09:56am]


Well, I've been trying to get this place up and running so here is the news.

xx___rockstarr is now the STAMPING MOD
perfect_flws is now the THEME MOD!

HOPEFULLY our work together will make this community alot better.

THIS is the 1st contest we will have. and it is.....
Most Unique Make-up. Put on lots of glitter draw something whatevs!
THIS CONTEST begins: March 26th and ends April 2nd. On the 2nd we will have everyone vote for their favorite and then whoever wins will get the points.

AND our THEME is post a picture of what u got for EASTER!!! (this will count as a picture post!)

and here is a reminder of the

Theme Posts:
If you post with the theme and it is approved you will receive 20 points.

Winner of a Contest//Theme:
If you enter a contest and win, you will recieve 30 pts.

Picture Posts:
If you post an update with new pictures, you will receive 15 points.

Making A Banner For The Community:
If you make some kind of promo banner or accepted/rejected banner, you will receive 30 points.

Recruited a Member:
If you refer someone and they tell us in their application, you will receive 15 points.

Every Promotion you have post the links in the community and every one you will recieve 5 points!

Every month, the number of points a member receives will be recorded on the user info page. Once you receive 160 points or more, you receive what is called a “automatic accept/reject coupon.” Every following 160 points you recieve, you will gain another coupon. These coupons give a member the privilege to automatically accept or reject a new applicant just because they feel like it. Each month the number of points you have will remain with you, but you still get the chance to gain more points by making more posts.

So remember get out there and promote!


[21 Jan 2006|05:52pm]

I have changed my lj username. It is now perfect_flws

Let me know if I need to do anything to remain on this community


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Moi :) [22 Mar 2005|07:22pm]

So am I rad?Collapse )


Announcements [22 Mar 2005|02:30pm]

-everyone that is auto accepted still needs to fill out an application! just so everyone can get to know u better!

-post ideas for a contest/theme!

-stay active!


MOD [13 Mar 2005|03:59pm]

Thats the end of Auto-Accepted members. so from now on everyone needs to vote!

can everone plz promote at least 3 ppl or communities?


Tommorow will be the start of the theme and contests so comment with ideas!


rad like what? [11 Mar 2005|05:49pm]

[ mood | excited ]

youCollapse )

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[10 Mar 2005|08:06pm]

am i rad?Collapse )


[07 Mar 2005|03:52pm]


Join __dodge_betta__!

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