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[×] Just a random picture of myself. One of those "I'm too bored to sleep at 3:00am" pictures. :)

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[×] No, this is not my normal style. My boyfriend, bestfriend, and I were out of town attending a "Broomball" game. Well, the town is full of 'hicks', so I wanted to dress up as one. I had a happy bunny trucker cap, hooker boots to the knees, mini catholic girl skirt, and a hot pink tanktop. Haha. We had so much fun.

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[×] I wanted pictures with the boyfriend, so I made him take them with me. Haha; because I'm the boss. Yeah, right.. Whatever Heather.

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[×] Me and my best friend in the world. Not a very clear picture; but I love the backroud. It's so beautiful up there. Rather scary with the rotting wood, but still.

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[×] Again, me and Vanessa. this time on a slide in a children's playground. Why you ask? Because everyone is a child at heart; sometimes we just take it a little too far.

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[×] Last, but on least; actually it's one of my favorite pictures. Heather and Allan; awe. It's love - I know it is. :) And yes; my hair is multi-colored. Haha; right now it has roughly 4-5 different colors in it. w00p* =)

Well that's all for now. Much more later. :)

<3 :: hEATHER*
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