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rad like what

About You
][Name:][Jessica Prestia (call me Jessi)
][ Age:][15
][ Location:][Lexington, SC
][ Hobbies:][eating, reading, watching TV, fashion, sports, MUSIC, outdoor things with my friends, talking on the phone, internet
][ Status:][single (kinda)
][ Likes:][food, soccer, skiing, animals, American Idol, pink
][ Dislikes:][lima beans, fat boys, untreated acne
][ Siblings:][NONE!!:)
][ Hair Color:][brownish redish
][ Eye color:][brown blue green
][ Car:][92 Silver Mustang 5.0

][ Favorite Place To Shop:][SEARS, BCBG
][ Tatoos/piercings:][ears pierced
][ Clothing Brand:][any brand (what's in style and what fits)
][ Shoe Brand:][any brand (what's in style and what fits)

Bands(8):][Rascal Flatts, Black Eye Peas, Dixie Chicks, Green Day, Yellowcard, Lonestar, Linkin Park, Destiny's Child
Singers(2):][Kelly Clarkson, Toby Keith
Books(4):][Tiger Eyes, Mythology, Lovely Bones, Stoner and Spazz
Movies(6):][Gone in 60 Seconds, Mean Girls, Blues Brothers, Animal House, Phanton of the Opera, Saturday Night Fever
Tv shows(2):][American Idol, Orange County Choppers

Other Favorites
][ Color:][silver (pink and black)
][ food:][fried calamari
][ subject:][lunch?
][ sport:][skiing (snow)
][ animal:][bunny! (i have 1)
][ person and why:][Jesus-he saved us
][ family member and why:][mom-she has horrible RDS and she still does more than everyone
][ object:][spork-spoon and fork in one!
][ place:][Florida-where i was born and raised (especially Key West)
][ Car:][silver `67 Shelby Mustang GT 500

][ smoked:][NO
][ drunk alcohol:][NO
][ done drugs:][NO
][ bunjee jumped:][NO
][ sky dived][NO
][ skinny dipped][NO

][War][ok right now-good reason
][alcohol and drugs][alcohol-in moderation of age drugs-no
][religion][Catholic-be what you want!
][emo kids][dunno
][being a teenager][gr8
][guys wearing girls pants][if they wanna

][Something intresting about urself][i can pop my thumbs out of my socket
][last thoughts][the guy next to me is hot!
][how did u find this community][by another one
][3 pics][(ill get them when i get home)
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